If you have snoring or sleep apnea and are struggling with your CPAP machine or are intolerant of it, there is an easier way. Oral sleep apnea appliances are comfortable, portable, safe, and effective.

Dr.. Arthur Luisi and the Naples Center For Dental Sleep Medicine could be your answer. Dr. Luisi graduated from The University of Pennsylvania and The University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. He has been performing oral appliance therapy for over ten years. He received his basic training from The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and was personally mentored by nationally recognized sleep dentists in Texas and California. Dr. Luisi has served as the internet consultant for the American Sleep Apnea Association based in Washington, D.C.. He has worked with most of the sleep disorders centers in Collier County and has treated patients in Collier,  Lee,  and  Charlotte Counties.

Dr. Luisi believes strongly in oral appliances and is dedicated to patient education. As the internet consultant for the American Sleep Apnea Association at their former web site "www.apneasupport.org" he answered over one thousand questions on oral appliance therapy for snoring and sleep apnea from patients and dentists in the United States and around the world.

Oral appliance selection is extremely important. There are over one hundred brands currently on the market. Unfortunately,  there is no government requirement that they be clinically tested for effectiveness. Dr. Luisi has done extensive research on the actual effectiveness of each appliance. At the Naples Center For Dental Sleep Medicine. we use only the appliances that have been proven to be highly effective through independent,  peer-reviewed, third party, university sponsored efficacy testing.  Don't spend your hard earned money on an oral appliance that most likely won't work for you provided by an uninformed dentist.

Dr. Luisi has extensive experience doing oral appliances for patients with severe sleep apnea. His expertise assures you that you will have the best possible chance for successful treatment of your severe sleep apnea.  Oral appliances can be used to treat snoring,  obstructive sleep apnea, and  upper airway resistance syndrome.

We adhere to The American Association for Sleep Medicine guidelines requiring that the initial diagnosis and all follow-up testing be performed by qualified physicians with training in sleep medicine.

In  these tough economic times,  we understand that affordability is very important. We offer the highly effective MyTap appliance starting at $600 and a high quality Tap3 TL for $1400. The package includes the appliance,  the fitting of the appliance,  and three months of support until you are successfully using your appliance. We work with most medical insurance companies for reimbursement.

Call today for a complementary initial consultation to see if oral appliance therapy could be right for you.  Arthur B. Luisi, D.M.D., 4060 Tamiami Trail North, Suite #3, Naples, Florida 34103. Phone: 239-434-0594.  E-mail: ablabl@centurylink.net

For orofacial pain suffererers---help is on the way. Now featuring a revolutionary new FDA cleared treatment for tension headaches, migraine headaches without aura, sleep bruxing, and obstructive sleep apnea. This oral appliance is totally unique and unlike any other available today. We also feature diagnosis and conservative treatment of TMJ(jaw joint) problems and the permanent correction of comfort and air leakage problems with CPAP masks.